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This album is “The Green Paper”

It\’s Time                                Down but Not Out                Gotta Persevere

I Swear to tell the Truth       It\’s in the Air                   Life is for the Taking

With or Without You             My Dream                           Never Sell Short What\’s Important

Time Won\’t Stop                    We Can\’t Loose               Amazing

All I need is a name                 Gladiator Music


Albert Rhymestein Album:

So I\’ve Been Told                One Big Battle                           Young Shadows (from Showman Empire)

Can\’t Trust You                   One Big Battle Remix

I\’m Still Here                        T=MC Scared

Intro to Albert Rhymestein        The Best That I Can

Mind Over Matter                           The World Won\’t Stop For Me

This is My Theme                            Time to Get What I Want 



New Album   -   “Life Will Never Be the Same” 

Live Day to Day                             Listen

Work Hard to Get it Right        Nice to Meet You

Can\’t Bring it Round Me      You Gotta Prove it

Intro                                    On Such a Winter\’s Day

Another Chapter                     Take the Reigns

Go Get Em                           Sequel to Amazing

Keep Fighting    


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