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I have been meaning to do this because alot of people have asked me for the lyrics to the BYU team song that the 2009-10 team warmed up to.  Of course the roster of the team will change next year but this will be in the memory book for Jimmer’s junior year for our family.  If you would like the words for other songs that I have done just let me know and I will try to accommodate you.  thanks everyone!


This is BYU, everybody come see why we do things better than all/ work ethic is up / you will fall/ 3 years in a row/ we dance/ so let’s ball/ that’s all/

on the floor/ we make the crowd roar/ with a roster impossible not to adore.

Big Chris Miles leading the front court/ get your media pass/ he’ll give you something to report/ and that man JT, Jonathan Tavenari has a J that will make your whole team look sorry… sorry when you step on the court /when you’re the enemy/ getting D’d up by that boy Jackson Emery/ were doing it big like sumos and you don’t want a have to guard Charles Abouo/ cause you know you could get crossed like wires/ it’s hazardous/ anytime this teams on fire.

And there’s Fredette known best as Jimmer/ with his street ball moves/ you get ate like dinner/ this East Coast kid’s a winner/ it’s insane/ getting biblical/ every time Noah’s making it rain/ the arc/ the whole team is lethal from behind it/ Mountain West better believe/ we will climb it/

Lamont Morgan’s defense and scoring/ better avoid Mike Loyd because he’s more than nice/ two guys sick quick as lightning/ believe me/ when this team strikes/ it gets frightening/ James Anderson- you can’t handle him/ and Brock Zylstra will getcha/ we’ll win at any cost/ Tyler Haas will play flawless/ Brandon Davies is real/ remain cautious/ and Logan Magnesin/ now we have to win/ BYU is back again!


This is BYU / everybody come and see why we do /everything at top level status /yes, were the baddest/ its magic/ the way that the winning becomes a habit/ BYU everybody come see why we do/ why we do it so big/ we climb the Mountain West/ we’re bound to be the best/ now shout/ pound your chest/ get loud/ ‘cause OH YES!!!

TJ Fredette

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