I wrote this song because kids don’t have any choice sometimes when those negative things that could bring them down are around them.   This is a song to give kids a collective voice to keep those things away from them and let them grow up happy, carefree and healthy.
                                           ”You Can’t Bring it ‘Round Me” 
I know that there’s a lot of pressure/ a lot of people that are pulling you in different directions/ you wanna stick together/ with all your friends/ but believe me that sometimes it’s better/ to stand alone on your own /you gotta take some measures/ to protect yourself /cause it’s better to play it safe/ and just take a minute to give it some thought/ cause each decision you make/ could be a factor in your future/ you don’t wanna be influenced into doing something that could truly ruin any chances that you had at your dreams/ and so you need to be aware of consequences/ be conscious of every scene/ you allow yourself to walk into / be careful/ I’m alarming you to be a leader/ don’t just do something because they all do it/ 
Never be afraid to tell ‘em YOU CAN’T bring it ‘round me, if you’re doing something that’s wrong YOU CAN’T bring it ’round me …If you’re doing negative things, YOU CAN’T bring it ’round me, bring it round me, bring it ’round me… 


You don’t wanna get caught up in any situation that will have you hurting/ it’s worth it to put some insulation in between you and the alcohol and drugs/ you have to call the bluff of anybody who’s telling you that it’s all the stuff that everybody is doing/ that’s not true/ and it’s delusional to think that drug abusing is cool/ it’s not disputable/ that using is a problem with our youth/ so don’t let it be a problem that becomes one of yours/ because eventually you’re gonna have to make a decision/ so make the right one/ and everyday’s a fight/ but don’t give up until the fight’s done/ cause you gotta fight off the peer pressure/… and followers/ the power of temptation is strong/ but don’t allow it to overpower you/ 


I just wanna give you this message so you will think about it/ trouble is lurking/ and you don’t wanna be around it/ cause you could truly devastate all your family and everything you dreamed for your future ‘cause what you planned to be was damaged by a simple decision/ so don’t be wishing that you had the chance to go back in time/ because you didn’t choose to listen to the people who warned you to stay away from the dangerous activities basically day to day/ but you ignored it,/ you have the talent to be successful/ don’t let yourself down/ put your life upon a pedestal/ remember that you’re better than settling for the norm/ get ready to meet the challenges and weather every storm. 

Chorus: twice

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