I wrote this song because kids don’t have any choice sometimes when those negative things that could bring them down are around them.   This is a song to give kids a collective voice to keep those things away from them and let them grow up happy, carefree and healthy.                                               ————————————————                                                                                                   ”You Can’t Bring it ‘Round Me”      I know that there’s a lot of pressure/ a lot of people that are pulling you in different directions/ you wanna stick together/ with all your friends/ but believe me that sometimes it’s better/ to stand alone on your own /you gotta take some measures/ to protect yourself /cause it’s better to play it safe/ and just take a minute to give it some thought/ cause each decision you make/ could be a factor in your future/ you don’t wanna be influenced into doing something that could truly ruin any chances that you had at your dreams/ and so you need to be aware of consequences/ be conscious of every scene/ you allow yourself to walk into / be careful/ I’m alarming you to be a leader/ don’t just do something because they all do it/      Chorus:         Never be afraid to tell ‘em YOU CAN’T bring it ‘round me, if you’re doing something that’s wrong YOU CAN’T bring it ’round me …If you’re doing negative things, YOU CAN’T bring it ’round me, bring it round me, bring it ’round me… 


You don’t wanna get caught up in any situation that will have you hurting/ it’s worth it to put some insulation in between you and the alcohol and drugs/ you have to call the bluff of anybody who’s telling you that it’s all the stuff that everybody is doing/ that’s not true/ and it’s delusional to think that drug abusing is cool/ it’s not disputable/ that using is a problem with our youth/ so don’t let it be a problem that becomes one of yours/ because eventually you’re gonna have to make a decision/ so make the right one/ and everyday’s a fight/ but don’t give up until the fight’s done/ cause you gotta fight off the peer pressure/… and followers/ the power of temptation is strong/ but don’t allow it to overpower you/ 


I just wanna give you this message so you will think about it/ trouble is lurking/ and you don’t wanna be around it/ cause you could truly devastate all your family and everything you dreamed for your future ‘cause what you planned to be was damaged by a simple decision/ so don’t be wishing that you had the chance to go back in time/ because you didn’t choose to listen to the people who warned you to stay away from the dangerous activities basically day to day/ but you ignored it,/ you have the talent to be successful/ don’t let yourself down/ put your life upon a pedestal/ remember that you’re better than settling for the norm/ get ready to meet the challenges and weather every storm. 

Chorus: twice

Hi everyone,

Just a heads up about a contest that I just won about a month or so ago.  It was a songwriting hip-hop contest that was running on Soundclick.   The idea was to write a song for a beat THAT THEY SUPPLIED and rap to it.  I decided to try it because I really like the writing part of hip-hop.  They obviously liked my verses because I won the thing and my picture and the song were up on that site for awhile.  If you don’t really like hip-hop then you probably won’t like the song.  I honestly am not crazy about the beat that they gave us but many hip-hop lovers will like it.  The main thing to me is what the verses say and how clever the metaphors are.  It was good exposure for me. I’m always looking for contests to enter that involves songwriting.  If you have any suggestions of where I can find more, let me know.  Thanks.    Later!

Hi Everyone,

I have been meaning to do this because alot of people have asked me for the lyrics to the BYU team song that the 2009-10 team warmed up to.  Of course the roster of the team will change next year but this will be in the memory book for Jimmer’s junior year for our family.  If you would like the words for other songs that I have done just let me know and I will try to accommodate you.  thanks everyone!


This is BYU, everybody come see why we do things better than all/ work ethic is up / you will fall/ 3 years in a row/ we dance/ so let’s ball/ that’s all/

on the floor/ we make the crowd roar/ with a roster impossible not to adore.

Big Chris Miles leading the front court/ get your media pass/ he’ll give you something to report/ and that man JT, Jonathan Tavenari has a J that will make your whole team look sorry… sorry when you step on the court /when you’re the enemy/ getting D’d up by that boy Jackson Emery/ were doing it big like sumos and you don’t want a have to guard Charles Abouo/ cause you know you could get crossed like wires/ it’s hazardous/ anytime this teams on fire.

And there’s Fredette known best as Jimmer/ with his street ball moves/ you get ate like dinner/ this East Coast kid’s a winner/ it’s insane/ getting biblical/ every time Noah’s making it rain/ the arc/ the whole team is lethal from behind it/ Mountain West better believe/ we will climb it/

Lamont Morgan’s defense and scoring/ better avoid Mike Loyd because he’s more than nice/ two guys sick quick as lightning/ believe me/ when this team strikes/ it gets frightening/ James Anderson- you can’t handle him/ and Brock Zylstra will getcha/ we’ll win at any cost/ Tyler Haas will play flawless/ Brandon Davies is real/ remain cautious/ and Logan Magnesin/ now we have to win/ BYU is back again!


This is BYU / everybody come and see why we do /everything at top level status /yes, were the baddest/ its magic/ the way that the winning becomes a habit/ BYU everybody come see why we do/ why we do it so big/ we climb the Mountain West/ we’re bound to be the best/ now shout/ pound your chest/ get loud/ ‘cause OH YES!!!

TJ Fredette

  Alot of people have asked me for the lyrics of my song “Amazing” so I am going to give them to you in this post.  If anyone else would like some of the other lyrics to my songs just let me know.  This one is a special one to our family because it’s about my brother Jimmer and all of the sucess he has had in his basketball career.  He’s a good person too and I hope that these lyrics reflect how hard he has worked.




 It’s been about 21 years, but back when you were younger/I did

everything I could as an older brother/to get you to understand that you

 were given a gift so with each other we would muster up a plan to

 succeed with one another/ there’s no wonder you would slowly start to

 climb to success/but it wasn’t easy working hard/ was something that we

 would stress/ so I pressed and pushed you harder/ because you really

 impressed me when you told me that you wouldn’t stop till you were the

 best/  oh yes/  so how could I let you settle for less/ and every time I

 knocked you down/ it was all just a test/ but you got back up/ I could see

the dream was for the taking when you were only 5 years old because it

 was truly amazing!




 Remember when the media took notice/the local hero that you had

 become, so now the focus was to keep you levelheaded/ you were bred

 to be a superstar /  but the most important thing is that you

 never forget who you are/ be true to your heart…

 newspaper headlines every day/  TV interviews/ and radio stations

 coming your way/ the scouts  all over the country flying in to watch you

 play/  MVP awards/  trophies galore/ and it made me say/  you were

 doing great/ but this is only the beginning/ don’t be satisfied /we have

 to try to live out the dream/ we need to magnify  the talent that you

 have/ take it further and further and  every time we tasted glory we

 worked harder and harder…




 You worked your way to see the national attention that you  needed/ 

 the D1  level/  where you have succeeded at a level all the jealous people

 said that you would never see  /as for me,/ there’s no way in the world

 that there could ever be a prouder older brother/  they said that you

 were too white/  they said that you were too slow/  but we continue to  

fight and ignite/ the type of fire that had you practicing nights/ when

 everybody was partying/  you were keeping your sights on the dream,

 /the NBA  / I’ll never forget the day when I wrote you a contract that

 would say/  that you would pay/ whatever price/, you looked at me with

 fire in your eyes/ wrote your name upon the line/ a defining moment in

 time… now it’s time.


If you haven’t seen the video here is the link to view it…..


Hi    Not too much to say today but I just wanted to mention that I am working on a new song and video to cap off the end of my brother Jimmer’s basketball season.  It’s kind of a sequel to the first video that  I made called “Amazing.”   I have alot of footage of basketball and some of the other things that we experienced at the end of their exciting season.  Should be fun so stayed tuned for that. 

Hope you’re all doing good.



Alot of people have asked me where I got the name “The Green Paper” for my latest album so I’d like to explain that here. Most people think that green paper means money but it couldn’t be further from the truth. It literally means the green paper. When my sister and I were very young (Jimmer wasn’t even born yet), my father worked at a paper factory in Glens Falls for awhile. As a little perk, the employees could take home a huge ream of paper if they wanted. My father asked my grandmother if she wanted a roll of that paper and she said yes and thought it would be handy to have around the house if they ever needed some paper. Well little did she know that it was going to be a huge GREEN roll of paper. I remember that she said that it would probably last until long after they were gone. That paper turned out to be the handiest item that they had in the house…at least for our family. We wrote letters on it, we drew on it, we made long banners of it and we even jumped on it as it was rolled out as far as we could roll it.

In later years when I was a teenager whenever we were up at our grandparents for the day, I would use that green paper to write some of my lyrics on it. I must admit I was pretty inspired to write some of my best lyrics up there where there was alot of love and contentment. Well eventually my grandparents did pass on and sadly their beloved house had to be sold. When it came time to clean out the house, my parents asked if there was anything that I would like to take at my grandparents house. I didn’t take much but my one request was that I could have that GREEN PAPER. It was as much a part of my childhood memories as my wonderful grandparents were.

So I have the green paper now in my house and we use it whenever we need paper, but as my grandmother said, it will last long after I am gone too….

                                                      Our family’s green paper

April 2010 I’m finally glad to get my music out there so you can get it on my site. I have written about a  thousand songs and I have other older albums but these 3 that I have out now are the ones that I am the most proud of. My lyrics deal with some of the issues that many people young and old deal with in their lives. I try to put a positive spin on most of the songs but there are a couple on “The Showman Empire” that I wrote when I was in the midst of my recovery from some neurological brain damage. I was in despair at the time, to say the least, and the song is quite intense. I really don’t know how I managed to get through that album with the sickness that I was feeling but my writing and music was all that I had. The song is called “Why Me” if you would like to check that out when I get my albums ready for download. I have experienced much anxiety and depression in my life and I know that many people also feel that emptiness inside so I try to express my feelings in my songs and also try to put a positive spin on it because there is always hope in everyone’s life and all things pass eventually. That’s how it’s been in my life so most of my lyrics are geared towards that but also I have lyrics with some general thoughts about life. I wrote a song for my brother’s BYU team and I will eventually have that as a free download but until then I hope you will be patient with the construction of my site.

Thanks for stopping by. 



Hi Everyone,

 This is my first blog on my new website.  I hope that you will check in every once in awhile to hear the news in my world.  I am just getting back from Oklahoma City where my brother Jimmer played in the NCAA tourney.  That is the ultimate excitement in college basketball.  What BYU wanted this year was to not get shut out in the first round and they met that goal.  They beat Florida St. in double overtime and it was a heartstopper for all of us.  Jimmer really wanted that game and I was so proud of him. He was a warrior out there and he battled through exhaustion to make some key shots in the end to help win the game. 

     There were cameras and reporters all over us at the end and Jimmer came up to us before he went into the locker room to give us all a hug.  A big picture of my mother hugging Jimmer was on the front page of the sports section in one of the Oklahoma City papers.   Because I am Jimmer’s brother I was also interviewed a lot and one reporter brought me and my friend Jeff into the locker room and introduced us to all those that were in there…mostly reporters and they all asked questions.    They asked me a lot about my music so I was able to get that out there in the media too. 

     Unfortunately the next game we lost, as most of you know, but Jimmer still managed to score 21 points against some very tough defense.   As I said, I am proud of how he takes it all in stride and just fights for everything that he gets.  It was a great experience that none of us will ever forget.  Check out my song “Amazing” if you haven’t yet because Jimmer is truly amazing.

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