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 This is my first blog on my new website.  I hope that you will check in every once in awhile to hear the news in my world.  I am just getting back from Oklahoma City where my brother Jimmer played in the NCAA tourney.  That is the ultimate excitement in college basketball.  What BYU wanted this year was to not get shut out in the first round and they met that goal.  They beat Florida St. in double overtime and it was a heartstopper for all of us.  Jimmer really wanted that game and I was so proud of him. He was a warrior out there and he battled through exhaustion to make some key shots in the end to help win the game. 

     There were cameras and reporters all over us at the end and Jimmer came up to us before he went into the locker room to give us all a hug.  A big picture of my mother hugging Jimmer was on the front page of the sports section in one of the Oklahoma City papers.   Because I am Jimmer’s brother I was also interviewed a lot and one reporter brought me and my friend Jeff into the locker room and introduced us to all those that were in there…mostly reporters and they all asked questions.    They asked me a lot about my music so I was able to get that out there in the media too. 

     Unfortunately the next game we lost, as most of you know, but Jimmer still managed to score 21 points against some very tough defense.   As I said, I am proud of how he takes it all in stride and just fights for everything that he gets.  It was a great experience that none of us will ever forget.  Check out my song “Amazing” if you haven’t yet because Jimmer is truly amazing.

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