Alot of people have asked me where I got the name “The Green Paper” for my latest album so I’d like to explain that here. Most people think that green paper means money but it couldn’t be further from the truth. It literally means the green paper. When my sister and I were very young (Jimmer wasn’t even born yet), my father worked at a paper factory in Glens Falls for awhile. As a little perk, the employees could take home a huge ream of paper if they wanted. My father asked my grandmother if she wanted a roll of that paper and she said yes and thought it would be handy to have around the house if they ever needed some paper. Well little did she know that it was going to be a huge GREEN roll of paper. I remember that she said that it would probably last until long after they were gone. That paper turned out to be the handiest item that they had in the house…at least for our family. We wrote letters on it, we drew on it, we made long banners of it and we even jumped on it as it was rolled out as far as we could roll it.

In later years when I was a teenager whenever we were up at our grandparents for
the day, I would use that green paper to write some of my lyrics on it. I must admit I was pretty inspired to write some of my best lyrics up there where there was alot of love and contentment. Well eventually my grandparents did pass on and sadly their beloved house had to be sold. When it came time to clean out the house, my parents asked if there was anything that I would like to take at my grandparents house. I didn’t take much but my one request was that I could have that GREEN PAPER. It was as much a part of my childhood memories as my wonderful grandparents were.

So I have the green paper now in my house and we use it whenever we need paper,
but as my grandmother said, it will last long after I am gone too….

                                                      Our family’s green paper

  • hayley baird:

    that is really cool. i love my grandparents a lot too!!! but anyways that is a great story. did u ever make those lyrics on the paper a song?

    really big fan/ HAYLEY BAIRD

  • TJ:

    Thank you Haley. Yes I did write many songs on that green paper. Still do.

    take care!


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